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Occasions // Hayley Paige Occasions

Hayley Paige “Occasions” by Hayley Paige are recognized as the industry leaders in bridesmaid gowns. Their fabrics, colors, and designs are without equal. Using luxurious fabrics such as satin-faced taffeta, chiffon and soft satin, Hayley incorporates unique details such as corseted bodices and full tulle skirts with ribbon accents to capture the feminine glamour of old Hollywood.

Hayley sets her collection apart from others through her incredible attention to detail and ability to accentuate what makes a woman beautiful.

Occasions dresses feature stylish, flattering selections of superior workmanship, sumptuous fabrics, and expert construction and fit. With Hayley Paige Occasions gowns, bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids will be dressed in style.


Hayley Paige Occasions

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